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the stark difference

Stark is the only all-natural skincare formulated with one question in mind:

what does the skin of a city-dweller most need?

The answer: Protection, detoxification, and high-performance in just the right way. With this in mind, we create a one-two combo of anti-age and anti-acne formulas that are simple and enjoyable to use, that feel, look and smell great and are ridiculously packed with anti-oxidants. All this, to combat the daily stresses of living in the city through a system of detoxification, protection and repair. And, of course, our formulas are 100% natural and certified vegan.

We are the new standard of skincare. Since early 2012, we have been using a "slow-apothecary" process to create every product by hand in micro-batches. We create each product with good music cranked up, lining the jars up perfectly straight on our stand-up desk/workshop area and dancing while pouring! (ok, to be fair, dancing in between pouring or else we'd have a huge mess on our hands.) Having fun and a sense of humour is a big part of our process.

Since 2015, we have no other retailers. (Our products are available only on our own site.) We chose to stay deliberately small to better serve our customers, to keep our quality as high as possible and our processes as small, sustainable, and hands-on as we can. We do not want to ever outsource our labour (you can't outsource a labour of love!) and keeping close communications with those we want to serve is our top priority. We strive to be open, transparent and exceptionally helpful while providing finely-crafted natural skincare and perfume.

We source our ingredients from companies who use only ethical practices in line with our own. We use no fillers, nothing synthetic, and formulate and test everything in-house. We choose our ingredients for their effectiveness, for their high reputation in skincare formulations, for their purity, and frankly, because the ingredients excite us. That's right, camellia sinensis seed oil makes us giddy, rhassoul clay evokes a profound respect, and essential oils send us in a rapture. Don't even get us started about black cumin seed oil! *swoon.*

This is Stark. Simplicity. Made for the city. A dash of humour. Made by real people, for real people.

Make it a ritual.