The Beauty Q&A @LizAlaskaBeauty

There are certain characters in this online beauty world that seem to have appeared as if by magic. Liz, aka. LizAlaskaBeauty is one such person. I'm not sure how or exactly when I discovered her (or maybe she discovered me? I'm honestly not sure!) but her straightforward, no BS attitude, knowledge of skincare  and sheer magnetism makes it so that she is someone I am always happy to catch on an IG live. Oh, plus who can resist those Kitty Sheldon cameos!? That marmalade cat loves to photobomb Liz every chance he can get, and I'm here for it. I diligently watch her IG stories and chat with her often, and let me tell you, in the beauty world, she is a real salt of the earth type. Liz diligently posts her routines to Instagram in a way that I wish more beauty IGers would: instead of constantly posting new "hauls", she posts what she is truly using.  You'll see that she loves Biologique Recherche (which I am dying to try) as well as Jordan Samuel Skin (a mutual love, they even appear in YouTube videos together!) and posts these routines often with valuable insight. She even regularly gets shout-outs from the Oprah of skincare, Mme. Caroline Hirons Herself!!

Liz: First off, thank you to Jess for inviting me to do this Q&A. We’ve never met but I feel like we know each other as friends. Happy to be here with you. Let’s chat beauty!! 

Stark: Are you a night owl or a morning lark, and does this affect your skincare routine?

Liz: In my teens and 20’s I was a huge night owl. I would finish assignments at that magic 1am hour. There was something about burning the midnight oil. These days I am very much a morning person. My regular weekday schedule gets me up at 4am. I don’t “need” to get up that early but I love making time to do whatever I choose. Putz around the house, organize my day, cuddle Kitty Sheldon, just be. How that effects my skincare routine? I typically shower before work and will do my routine after that. I can make time to do a mask or facial treatment. I like that flexibility. When I get home skincare is my winddown time. Like a treat waiting for me every evening. I don’t feel like I’m fully relaxed until skincare is in process or complete. 

S: If you HAD to choose, full skincare routine and basic makeup OR all the makeup you want/love and basic skincare?

L: That’s easy. I would choose skincare over makeup any day. I am what they call a “Tom-boy” in the US. Do they still use that term? Sporty, sweaty. Who has time for makeup with basketball practice twice a day? Well, maybe some of the girls on the team did. But not me. I’ve always admired people who have the knack for makeup. I learn a lot watching YouTube. But for me, a full face is too fussy. If I wear makeup I need low maintenance. No touchups required, please and thank you!!

S: What’s the most important part of your bedtime routine (what do you never skip)?

L: My skincare routine. Never skip it, not ever.

S: Do you have any beauty sleep hacks?

L: I very much enjoy sleep. Napping is my favorite. I often joke if I were a rapper, my name would be “The Notorious Napper”! 🤣A sleep hack? I like to take CBD ( before bed and sleep on a silk pillowcase. I have a Fitbit to track my sleep. Did I mention I love sleep?

S: What’s the first thing you do when you get up?

L: Pee. Maybe turn on the water faucet for Kitty Sheldon on my way to pee. But always pee.

S: What's the first part of your self-care routine when you get up?

L: I started drinking celery juice first thing in the morning. Been doing it about a month and I quite like it. I’m also a big water drinker. 2-3 liters every single day. A habit I’ve had for over a decade. I front load, meaning I try and drink the bulk earlier in the day. Also, I love using my “body-roller”.  It loosens me up and really gets me feeling like I’m in my body. I’m working on mediation. I use the Headspace App. But it’s been put on the back burner... again.

S: What beauty habit do you wish you’d adopt, but just haven’t yet?

L: I wish I could get back into using my NuFace. All of my facial devices have gone by the wayside. When stress comes into my life they’re the first to get shelved. Pulling them back out becomes difficult. I’ll get there.

S: What are some of your first beauty memories?

L: Being gifted samples of perfume. I would cherish them as precious stones. And my mother’s Oil of Olay in her bathroom. I thought the glass bottle was beautiful. I was mesmerized. It’s kinda funny now, my older sister had this pretty shaving cream. I’d find it in the shower, play with it by writing all over the shower walls. It would be empty when she’d go to use it. Awe sisters!

S: Do you have memories of some of your earliest beauty splurges or products you couldn't live without in your teen years? Do you have any products of brands you still use from then?

L: We didn’t have a lot of beauty going on in my house growing up. I’m the youngest of three girls and you’d think we’d be overflowing in product etc. We had more hair stuff than anything. I loved Finesse Shampoo/Conditioner. I remember my sister and I got a hair crimping iron and would crimp our hair. Dear lord! We looked like twin poodles. Hysterical!! I loved walking the beauty section at the drugstore. Left to day dream undisturbed by sales associates. I used to love looking at beauty magazines. I wanted to be Paulina Prorizkova. When I finally got the nerve to shop dept stores, it was Estée Lauder that caught my eye. I credit Paulina, she was the face of their campaign back then. They claimed to have the first AHA serum. It was very gentle. I purchased many bottles over the years. Even when I was broke, I made sure to afford my Estée Lauder Serum. I forget the name but it was in a blue bottle with a pump.

S: How has your philosophy around self-care and beauty changed over the years?

L: Early on it was all about hygiene and that’s it. But now, I look forward to it as more “me time”. I care for myself, for my skin. If even a quick routine, it’s care. Self-love. I spend that time in the mirror thinking, what I hope are, nice things about myself.

S: What beauty products do you pack with you for a weekend away? Any strategies when you don’t have your full arsenal with you?

L: I hate being without my favorite washcloths.  It’s not practical to pack them so I opt for Intrinsics Naturally Silken Wipes. Very travel friendly. Fit into a sandwich sized ziploc and they’re disposable.

S: Which beauty trends are you excited about? What have you recently adopted? Anything you want to try?

S: If you could choose a beauty look that could be your signature, what would it be? (Eg. winged eyeliner, red lip, big hair, etc)

L: Brows!! Neatly threaded to perfection with just the right amount of brow product.