Blog posts are out of order and 2021 updates!

Why hello there! This is just a little place holder in case you're reading my blog and notice that a) every single blog past has the same date in 2021 and b) something seems off about the context of what I'm writing. Well, in exporting my blog files, the posts became jumbled and some old posts from 2011 are sitting next to 2020 posts so, there you are. I hope it can be fixed, but we have a lot on our plate so maybe not? However, the upside of the word salad that the blog has become is that it's   wild for me to see how much my opinions on ingredients and "industry" things have changed over the past decade, and how maple syrup is still my "secret ingredient" when I cook. :)

To honour the relentless pace at which time marches forth, this is a very throwback picture of Adri and I, my better half, when we were babies in love. he's off and on worked with me on Stark things, and 2021 he's back at the helm with me, navigating this ship in a sea of skincare brands. I feel hopeful, and more so with him at my side.

Also, seeing my old posts makes me want to blog again. Simple life-update blogs and sharing things I find on the internet, skincare advice and that kind of thing. Instagram kind of took over that portion of my life, and not for the better in many ways (although Lives are always so much fun and nerve-wracking in a good way. Remember Periscope? I had fun with that, too.) 

I think blogging would also be a symbolic way to mark Stark's 10th year. TENTH YEAR, FRIENDS!! Just wild. I can't say that the time has flown by because it feels like this has been my entire life already, although I do have memories of this pre-Stark time in my life. Vague memories.

I am a nostalgic, sappy person and lately, with Corona and third lockdown and curfew and my son being nearly 8 (he's so big, I can't even), I think back on the Before Times and I miss everything.

I miss going to a café to write. I miss thrift store shopping. I miss friends and extended family. I miss travel, and the potential to travel, so much it hurts. I miss shaking a stranger's hand (well, not really, but the thought of that now is WEIRD and so I miss the feeling of not finding that weird, if that makes sense, and if you're reading this in early 2021, then it makes sense.) I miss thinking of the world as a place that is continuously improving, instead of becoming a stinkier, smolderinger dumpster fire.

Anyhow, in an effort to try to control and improve on the things that I can, Stark is getting yet another refresh. Not a drastic one, an incremental one that'll roll out over '21. Some formula updates and label tweaks. Nothing major, but subtle improvements that will make a big difference. I'll write about each of those improvements in the upcoming weeks. Oh! And coming soon, a fresh new online home. I'm hoping our new website will be simple yet snazzy and be fun and easy for you to use.