SAHARA Dry Shampoo (hair powder and texturizer)

with bamboo + amla extracts

A powerful tool for fine hair... absorbs extra oils to refresh and re-fluff hair, while providing just enough grit and texture to control static and fly-aways and create a cool, easy undoneness to your look while nourishing hair and scalp with vital nutrients.

  • A day off with the perfect weather. An uplifting sip of sparkling water. A basket of fresh cherries from the market. An ocean breeze. An inside joke that keeps you laughing all day long. Your favourite, softest jeans and sandals for the first time that season. A text just to say "I love you". The right dry shampoo to ensure a good, easy hair day. Sometimes, it's just the littlest things that create a great day.

  • Description

     This baking-soda free dry shampoo is created specifically for those of us with fine, limp hair that needs a little (or a lot) of help looking thicker, less stringy and tousled just so. Basically, acheiving, cool, effortlessly chic hair without having to *do* it every day (which is so damaging!). Dry shampoo should always be considered a hair makeup... that is, it doesn't actually replace washing hair properly as you do need your scalp to be cleansed with water and some kind of liquid shampoo or hair cleanser (this goes for ANY dry shampoo, by the way! Don't trust any dry shampoo that tells you otherwise!). Besides organic and lightweight starches to absorb excess oils, diatomaceous earth for a little hold and texture and a few active secret weapons to help nourish and strengthen hair. (Ok, not so secret... read the ingredients/benefits section.)

    Who is it for?:

    • Most hair types, especially fine hair. (Dark hair is ok too!)
    • Those growing out their locks.
    • Travellers
    • People with bangs/a fringe.

    How to Use

     Sprinkle a little onto palm of hand or directly onto roots (for example to work into a messy topknot). Quickly work through hair, possibly with hair flipped upside down. Shake off excess, let sit for 30 seconds or so, then brush through hair. Do not over-apply!

    This product is preservative-free, so please wash and dry hands before use and please do not get any water in the bottle. With proper handing, this product can stay fresh for up to 24 months. 

  • Ingredients


    Organic Tapioca Starch,Organic Arrowroot Powder, Diatomaceous earth, citric acid, vanilla extract, bamboo extract, amla extract, benzoin extract, essential oils.


    This dry shampoo is acidic-when-wet, which helps your scalp recalibrate to it's naturally healthy, slightly acidic state. Diatomaceous earth and bamboo is rich in silica, and amla provides vital nutrients that can help grow healthier hair.