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CITY Recalibrating Oil (lightweight, daytime oil)


Replenishes nutrients lost in skin due to city-living, while strengthening the skin's natural defences.

*On sale because it is being reformulated for 2021*

A fresh-scented defensive shield from the urban elements.  Protect your skin from city damage, with these fragrant, nourishing and purifying plant oils and featuring Stark's adaptive, collagen-boosting EVERGREEN  complex, which helps fortify skin's natural barrier function and resilience, helps your skin "re-learn" how to function optimally, while gently correcting damage already done.

Who it's for: 

Congested, over-active, acne-prone and oily skin that still needs moisture and hydration.

Anyone wanting a lighter daytime oil!

  • A great "layering piece" as it's a great makeup primer, and wears easily under serums, creams, and SPF. A medium-light oil that absorbs quickly into skin, creating a protective shield from the outside environment, while delivering essential, bio-compatible phyto-nutrients back to the skin, such as squalane. Purifies, tonifies, boosts lost essential nutrients skin and defends from harsh city elements (pollution, stress, indoor air, smoke, weather, etc), with a curated blend of oils featuring a unisexy, deep-in-the-conifers scent. It's a "reset" button for those who are concerned about the effects of pollution on the skin.

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