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AURORA Cleanse + Hydrate Balm

Our multi-purpose balm removes makeup, emulsifies with water to cleanse skin, or can be left on skin.

Clean-rinse formula.
Destroys makeup but gentle on skin with nourishing oils and butters. Suitable for all skin types, best for dry weather conditions.
Makes a nourishing balm-mask from head to toe.

Who is it for:

⌤ Combination skin with oily T zone. ❂ Dry and dehydrated skin. ✈ Travelers. △ Minimalists (or minimalists at heart!) ♡ Mature skin.⊛ Many people with oily acneic skin also find this to be a wonder-balm!

2 oz / 60mL

  • Aurora is versatile and easy to use. Apply to dry skin to remove every trace of makeup and daily grime, then remove with a damp cloth. Once makeup is removed, you can emulsify a chickpea sized amount of balm with water to create a milky, creamy skin cleanser. As it contains only skin-beneficial ingredients, and can be left on skin as a moisturizer or as a mask. Try on hands, elbows, fly-away hair, cuticles and more. Good for both mature or acne-prone skin.

    Aurora replenishes skin with antioxidant-rich oils and butters, such as linoleic acid-rich pumpkin seed, regenerative sea buckthorn and deeply nourishing organic Cacao, kokum and mango seed butters (and more!).

    Who is it for?:

    * If you have known sensitivities to citrus oils or any of the ingredients listed, this product may not be suitable for you.


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Vegan, cruelty-free, made in small batches by Jess in Quebec or her tiny lab in Ontario.