Let me just be stark about this. You know what you don't want in common with a Sea Captain? Weathered skin. 

(And scurvy, probably.) "Weathering" happens to everything. It's the law of the universe that all things naturally lean towards chaos and destruction. (It's called entropy, but let's not get too nerdy right now.) 
In other words: You don't really have a skin type. I mean you do, but not really. You see, you may be oily today and in 6 months? Your face is the desert. Our skin tries to adjust to the weather, but frankly 90% of us have a hard time adjusting comfortably. Now, most of us aren't just faced with natural elements to contend with (which are nothing to sneeze at), we're also dealing with urban environments. Stressful, polluted, completely unnatural urban environments (oh yeah, those.) The result? Stressed skin. Inflamed skin. Skin struggling to stay healthy, vibrant and all a-glow.

This is why we formulated Stark EVERGREEN.

Stark’s new star ingredient, found in many of our products,  is a specially-designed infusion of 7 extremely effective herbs to help minimize the effects urban life can produce on the skin. The infusion takes many months to prepare, is triple-filtered and created without the use of heat to inhibit oxidization.
We use a lipid base of light and nutritious grapeseed oil, meadowfoam and camellia seed oil. Three of our favorite, bio-available seed oils that are readily absorbed by the skin, ensuring that our EVERGREEN sinks into the stratum corneum to be synthesized by the body, rather than sitting on top of the skin’s surface. When applicable, we also create an organic glycerite of EVERGREEN for use in our aqueous products.EVERGREEN is now found in CITY Regenerating Oil, PETRICHOR Purifying Mist, ETEINT Spot Treatment and ECLIPSE Activated Cleansing Gel.

Uva Ursi

 From the cooler climates of North America and Northern Europe, this hardy plant produces berries (much loved by bears!) contains alpha-arbutin, which breaks down into the skin as natural and gentle hydroquinone, which helps lighten dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. Uva ursi also contains allantoin, a soothing phyto-chemical that also can help repair tissue damage.

Labrador Tea

Ursolic acid, found in Labrador Tea, can actually help promote the production of collagen and increases skin’s elasticity, which naturally diminishes with time and the everyday aggressors found in a city lifestyle. Although Labrador Tea is indigenous to Stark’s homeland of Quebec, this is a pricey and precious ingredient rich in ultra-potent antioxidants.

Rhodiola root

This adaptogenic herb is sweet and rosy but the plant is actually tough as nails, and another native plant to cold climates, meaning it’s chemical composition makes it ultra-adaptive to harsh climate changes and very abusive winter conditions. For the skin, this means that antioxidant-rich  rhodiola helps protect against environmental stressors, such as UV damage, pollution, and climate shifts.


Horsetail (a plant that looks like a horse’s tail, unsurprisingly) contains a staggering amount of bio-available silica, which helps strengthen connective tissues in the skin, which can lead to an increase in elasticity in the skin.  This means that the visible signs of aging can be reduce helped to this hardy, grassy plant. (Read: a more youthful appearance for you!)

Gotu Kola

A plant with a long history of medicinal uses, Centella Asiatica can help increase blood flow in the skin, and boost collagen thanks to phyto-chemical asiaticoside, and decreasea the appearance of fine lines.

Nettle Leaf

Nettles, although sting when you brush by the living plant, translates into a skincare ingredient that soothes inflammation, and is a powerful antioxidant, which helps skin’s natural ability to heal itself and protect against environmental stress.

Marshmallow root

Marshmallow root is extremely soothing and calming, with natural ceramide precursors which aid in skin hydration and barrier repair, which makes it an important ingredient for city dwellers that can struggle with these particular skin functions.