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A Blind Date with Soap

Welcome to the Russian Roulette of luxury soap! 

(Now there's something I never thought I would say.)

Love a super-high quality bar of dense soap that lasts for months, with the creamiest lather, gorgeous scents, with impressive, high-end additives additives and actives that you just don't find off the shelf?

Hate having to CHOOSE just one bar!?

No problem! I'll choose for you! ABDS (A Blind Date with Soap) is where I collect all the lovely bars of soap I make every few weeks for "fun", using all the extra ingredients I have collected but I don't use in my main products (because why waste all these beautiful ingredients!? Stark is committed to going waste-free, after all!)

Each bar is aged to perfection, is at least a hefty 200g (it's a BIG bar that can be cut down to smaller bars) and is suitable for all skin types....and if you're into it, most can be used on your face as well! They are cut by hand and made in small batches, so each are delightful unique and imperfect.

Each batch is unique, and the exciting part is you never know which bar you'll get. It's exciting, isn't it?