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ECLIPSE Activated Cleansing Gel (for sensitive, oily skin)

Oil-free gel cleanser that gently exfoliates

A ultra-gentle, hydrating yet deep-cleansing gel, with both exfoliation and brightening properties, leaving skin feeling very soft.  A beautiful black gel that can be left on as a mask or used as a quick, refreshing skin cleanser!


  • Contains hydrating & nourishing ingredients to leave skin feeling soft, not tight.

    Fruit sugar-based Alpha Hydroxy Acids provide gentle exfoliating.

    Slightly foaming, does not strip skin. Protects skin's acid mantle and healthy barrier function.

    pH optimized at 4.5

    Activated charcoal purifies pores or oxidized sebum.

    Can be used as a quick cleanse or as a leave-on mask.

    Cardamom, sweet orange and cedarwood make this cleanser smell incredible.